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__and we are vagabonds.

we travel without seatbelts on. we live this close to death.

Kazuki Keyser
20 November
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x. grandis loqui;

x. Name: Kazuki Keyser.
x. Age: 26
x. DOB: November 20
x. Sign: Scorpio. Cusp of Sagittarius.
x. Blood Type: B
x. Hair: Black.
x. Eyes: Blue-grey.

x. World: Gaia; Final Fantasy VII : Before Crisis.

x. Likes: Travelling the world. Experiencing new things. Interesting conversation. The night sky. Beauty. Learning new things. His car. Music filled silences. Grey winter mornings. Sunrises. Sleeping outdoors. History. His violin.
x. Dislikes: Things that which are dull and ugly. Honey in his tea. Honey anywhere near his tea. When things aren't neat and orderly. Having his glasses dirty or askew. Subjects he cannot fully wrap his mind around. The smell of trash. Coffee that's been allowed to sit and brew for too long.
x. Weaknesses: Beautiful things. Beautiful people. Gifts. Flattery. Art exhibitions.
x. Fears: Immensely claustrophobic. The sight of his own blood. Flying.

x. Weapon of Choice: Being annoying. Katana. Some martial arts.

x. Relationship Status: Single
x. Sexuality: "I think the question should be, 'Whosoever is lucky enough to strike my fancy?'"

x. In General: Most of what Kazuki knows he attributes to his mother, Sayuri. She was a tomboy and a nobleman's daughter, well versed in fighting and the arts as her father wanted a son. Ever the freespirited wanderer, she travelled the world, fell in love and settled down in Gongaga to start up a dojo, marry a likewise free-spirited travelling merchant and start a family. Two out of three ain't bad. She raised her son alone and though he wanders from town to town constantly, Kazuki and his mother remain extremely close.

For Kazuki a lot rides on personal honor and loyalty, which is precisely how he ended up indebted to Shinra and the Turks. Despite his reasons for joining, however, Kaz is extremely protective of those he is close to. At the same time, however, he's not above mocking others and seems to get a strange sort of pleasure from playing mind games and tricks on those around him. He loves goading people on and watching from afar as things go out of control. He isn't really one to execute stupid plans so much as he probably came up with the idea and then just let someone else take care of everything. He's a trickster and thinks he's smarter than you. It's obvious, isn't it?

He quite enjoys talking about people behind their backs as well. He says it real nice like, though. In Wutaian so you have no clue.

Kazuki is polite. Real polite. Even if he doesn't like you.

He likes to charm people, but this in no way means that he is looking for a relationship. Odds are, Kazuki is afraid of real commitment. He prefers constantly being on the go, both physically -- as evidenced by his constant moving, and in relationships. While he doesn't forget about connections made in his travels he is in no way searching out someplace to settle down and have 2.5 children. He'd rather go find someplace else new and exciting. Still he flirts a little with anything he deems beautiful enough. He has an eye for these kind of things.

No really.

He didn't make that up.

x. [en]tranceway;

One day while wandering around Ancient Forest on a monster hunting trip, Kazuki spotted his quarry and gave chase. And though he is as as graceful as the ocean is vast, he tripped and fell down a hill. And fell and fell and landed in some sort of leaf and twig infested hole.

And found himself falling out of a wardrobe.

In a strange, very cold mansion.


Kazuki is not amused.

x. Played By: valorously
x. Played For: entranceway